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AB IGNITER represents a major leap forward in nutraceutical supplements for improving health and fitness. Top Secret Nutrition has launched the next era in weight loss aids by combining: Crash-less energy stimulators, Heat-generators, Patent-pending weight loss aids, and Mood boosting botanicals. If you want to experience the benefit from the most advanced weight loss aid on the market, then Ab Igniter is for you.


Thermo-Rx® brand Senegalia Berlandieri Extract that is the main ingredient in AB IGNITER  is a quantum leap in the field of weight loss backed by a clinical study -- one showed an increase in the metabolism by 22% in 45 minutes. The results seen with Thermo-Rx® brand Senegalia Berlandieri Extract were compared by Researchers to previous studies on Ephedrine* -- the Gold Standard for OTC diet aids. The findings were amazing as Thermo-Rx® brand Senegalia Berlandieri Extract was found to be over 20% stronger than 30mg Ephedrine and 82% stronger than 10mg Ephedrine. The findings of the present study indicate that the increase in resting metabolic rate exhibited with 250 mg Senegalia Berlandieri(12+%) are comparable to the findings of previous studies which reported that 10 to 30 mg ephedrine increased energy expenditure by 6.6% to 10%.

Since the controversy with ephedrine began several years ago, companies have searched high and low to find an alternative ingredient for their weight loss products. Senegalia Berlandieri is not only such an alternative, but it may actually be superior to ephedra*. Thermo-Rx® is a unique proprietary plant extract derived from Senegalia Berlandieri. This highly purified plant extract is is standardized to 95% phenylethylamines. The four phenylethylamine alkaloids are chemically similar to ephedrine alkaloids. Phenylethylamine (PEA) is considered by chemists to be the top choice of all stimulants because it is structurally clean and because of its ability to elevate the mood and provide an overall sense of well-being. The alkaloid profile in Thermo-Rx® is unmatched by any other Senegalia species due to its phenylethylamine content, as well as numerous other alkaloids and amines.

AB IGNITER  utilizes phenylethylamine whichis a sympathomimetic amine found in the leaves of Senegalia Berlandieri. Phenylethylamine also naturally occurs in chocolate, and is responsible for its effects on mood, appetite, and sense of well-being. Phenylethylamine is probably the cleanest stimulant ever researched.  Its ability to stimulate the central nervous system without causing a nervous feeling or the "jitters" is remarkable. Phenylethylamine acts on alpha-receptors in the brain, as do norepinephrine and ephedrine. It is also believed by chemists and scientists in the industry to cause the release of dopamine in the pleasure sensing areas of the brain.

In the clinical study*, analysis indicated that there were no significant differences between groups in values of VO2 at baseline. However, Senegalia produced significantly greater values of VO2 at 1hr, 2hrs, and 3hrs post compared with Placebo and Caffeine displayed significantly greater values over Placebo at 1hr and 2hrs post (p's<0.05).  The relative increase of VO2 with Senegalia at 1hr and 2hrs (12.0%, 9.3%) was slightly higher than caffeine (9.9%, 8.5%). At 3hrs post ingestion, VO2 with Caffeine reduced to 3.5% over baseline which was no longer significantly different than Placebo. In contrast at 3hrs post ingestion, Senegalia was still 12.5% over baseline and was significantly greater than Placebo (p<0.05).  

These findings** indicate that Senegalia Berlandieri promotes significant increases in resting energy expenditure (12+%) still evident 3 hrs post ingestion with modest increases in hemodynamic measures (4-5% for HR, SBP). At this time, it is not known for what time period energy expenditure remains elevated.

  • In contrast, 300 mg caffeine produced similar (10%) increases in resting energy expenditure at 1hr post ingestion but values fell dramatically to 3.5% over resting values at 3 hrs post ingestion.
  • The differing responses of Senegalia Berlandieri and Caffeine support the established position that these two compounds exert distinctly different mechanisms.
  • The specific responses of Senegalia Berlandieri and Caffeine suggest that a combination of these compounds may provide effective enhancement of metabolic activity as part of a total weight loss program, without the potentially dangerous hemodynamic stresses associated with products primarily based on central nervous system stimulants.

Senegalia Berlandieri is found in AB IGNITER  and is just the answer the diet industry has been waiting on for years. AB IGNITER  also contains the following: (1) Theobromine- it comes from Dark chocolate and cocoa products. Theobromine acts as a mild stimulant and diuretic in the body, and it is slightly similar to caffeine. (2) Green Tea Extract- it is a great source of antioxidants—called catechins—that help support immune function, cardiovascular health, and weight loss. (3) 5-Methoxytryptaine Hcl- also known as mexamine, is a tryptamine derivative closely related to the neurotransmitters serotonin and helps elevate your mood. (4) Yohimbine- works by increasing adrenaline levels in the body, as well as inhibiting a regulatory process in fat cells, which normally suppresses fat burning. Yohimbine is also a general stimulant, but works differently than caffeine. It also helps you sweat and rid your body of toxins. AB IGNITER is truly backed by science and a revolutionary Diet & Energy aid you will not find elsewhere. Try AB IGNITER today and you will begin seeing results immediately and you will lose weight and feel great!

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