Top Secret for Her

Her Cardio Igniter

Top Secret Nutrition has developed Her Cardio Igniter™ as an innovative pre-workout supplement allowing women to accelerate aerobic exercise while "turning up the heat" to aid in weight loss during high performance workouts.* HER CARDIO IGNITER™ enhances athletic performance, and stamina through fatty acid oxidation as an energy source for a reduced rate of glycogen degradation.* Her Cardio Igniter™ is the "go-to" product for women who need that extra boost when gearing up for an intense cardio/conditioning session and want to “maximize aerobic capacity.” Another unique focus of this product is to preserve lean muscle mass which is always a common concern for those who do cardio because there is always a chance that extended cardio sessions can potentially have a catabolizing effect and a energy zapping loss of lean muscle tissue.

If you’re set on high-intensity training for an optimum aerobic state, for workouts that include cross training, HIIT (high intensity interval training) and/or LISS (low intensity steady state), this is the product for you. Athletes also take this supplement after resistance training and before cardio to benefit from its endurance effects.*

The benefits of taking Her Cardio Igniteris that it will carry you through an intense cardio session and give long lasting energy, while not totally taxing your system with excessive amounts of caffeine, which is the basis of most pre-workouts on the market. There is also a fat utilization component to this product as well with L-Carnitine, which is known for its ability through fatty acid oxidation to be used as an energy source. The aerobic capacity boosting property of this product is accomplished with Red Beet Juice being one of several primary ingredients. Red Beet Juice has shown to really boost NO3 which helps improve athletic performance. Furthermore, natural nitrates such as Red Beet Juice really help oxygenate the muscles which will carry over in a very positive way. There is also a focus component to this product with L-Tyrosine and Taurine being active ingredients. Electrolyte loss is a common issue with strenuous cardio sessions which can leave an athlete feeling depleted and can risk their health. Her Cardio Igniterhelps solve this common issue by its electrolyte blend to keep you going through cardio or training sessions, whether they are short or long.

The Final secret to Her Cardio Igniter™ is the novel ingredient Grains of Paradise, also known as Aframomum Meleguata, which has a fiery, peppery taste, making it incredible for creating a "natural furnace" that causes you to sweat while exercising, yet to those in view of weight reduction, that sweat has some enormous potential for shedding pounds. Her Cardio Igniter™ is unlike anything else on the market and developed especially for women.


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